Using Maths and Science for a better Engineering Solution

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Over 40 Years Of Engineering Excellence in Proven Solutions

Our expertise is to take Science and Maths across a wide range of Industries to make a winning Solution

Solutions from a New product Range or New System, through Engineering Expertise, down to a simple or complex calculation.

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Industries We Have Served!

Packaged Electronics and Major physical systems; for Air, Ground and Sea.

From Biotech processes to body contact products and precision dosing. DNA testing.

Ultra Precision products and equipment down to Angstroms.

Packaged electronics and interface design

Rugged scientific subsea and sub floor equipment.

Durable production line equipment.
Precision Vehicle Components

Packaged Electronics and Major physical systems; for Air, Ground and Sea.

High Speed rotating and precision linear machinery.
Ultra Precision for digital printing.

Base station, Exchange, Mast Antenna, RADAR modules, handheld equipment.

Thermal control and containment of equipment, installations and Satellites.

Process equipment for bulk fluids and solids plus individual volume items. Sorting equipment.

Component design for; Injection, Extrusion, Compression, poured and 3D 

Volume consumer products to bespoked batch production

Pump and pumped Systems, From Biotech living soups to water and Industrial Slurries

Coin Validation and security Printing Counting Machines.

Potable and waste water Treatment equipment. Pumped Systems.

Process and containment equipment for Nuclear.

Design of ultra precision measurement equipment.

Full Engineering Solutions, that solve today's issues and provide tomorrows solutions'