Using Maths and Science for a better Engineering Solution

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Over 40 Years Of Engineering Excellence in Proven Solutions

Our expertise is to take Science and Maths across a wide range of Industries to make a winning Solution

Solutions from a New product Range or New System, through Engineering Expertise, down to a simple or complex calculation.

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Sectors We Have Served!

Modelling of Multi-Physics, Biology, Chemistry, by personal and commercial products

Design of Static and Dynamic products, including Stress and Vibrations.

Design for gasses, liquids and mixed phase, with fluids and thermal analysis

Design for Cryogenics, Freezing, Refrigeration, Ambient control and Heating, of components, products and environments

Vacuum, High and Ultra High vacuum, with thermal considerations. Pressures to High and ultra High in gasses liquids and solids.

Systems for data and products in: Design, Production, Business, Testing, Quality,  Calculations and FEA

Full Engineering Solutions, that solve today's issues and provide tomorrows solutions'