As products have become more complex, multi-disciplinary and  leveraging greater knowledge, so the ability to design at greater depth has increased also.
WE can provide technical services in FEA such as Ansys multi-Physics, Cosmos and SolidWorks embedded FEA modules.
In addition, we can provide our own multi-Physics spreadsheets and modelling to provide:

  •  a good working multi-Physics model,
  • input validation to real world data and proprietary FEA,
  • a model to drive design going forward.

We can help by taking real results and multi-disciplinary science to use proprietary FEA or drive our own models


The benchmark of Engineering design today is a CAD system. We can provide expert level skills in the following Systems: SolidWorks; Inventor; Creo, plus a good working knowledge of many others.
Starting with solid design skills and good methodology for consistent reliable models, optimised to your products and design processes, plus other demands on the resource.
We can embed attributes, parameters, links, API, spreadsheets, calculations and processes to give you leveraged CAD performance.

We can provide expert level design and configuration in CAD

Business System Data

AS companies evolved, so they developed separate systems for each department. This has evolved into central systems and the integration of data from several systems.
WE can help in ensuring the good flow of appropriate data to each department, configuring the flows to ensure much is appropriate and automatic.
Many Business systems have now expanded their capabilities, though have areas where they excel. We can help drive use of separate systems in an effective combined solution

We can help ensure the effective companywide use of data, through the range of systems in use.

Quality Systems

Every business seeks to do better, to maximise profits and customer satisfaction, through an efficient system that makes, making product simple reliable and efficient, for current and future staff.
BS 5750 Parts 1,2,3 were replaced by EN29000, then by ISO 9001 : 20015, we can help you in your journey through this process of continuous improvement systems.

Helping you ensure your Quality is second nature

Integrated Systems

As Company grows, so each area develops systems to keep it’s output under control and producing effectively. 
As new technology, new methods, mergers, new opportunities, changes of scale, so the need to update to a new system and look to maximise the integration benefits you can achieve. 
We can provide the extra expertise to work with all to give the solution that is optimal to all departments, by enacting your combined desires and vision, with our added resource.

When opportunity arises for change, we can help you drive a more integrated system, to meet your future demands.

Scale Up / Consolidate

AS every Company evolves, it meets the point where it needs to scale up or scale down to meet the changes in demand and opportunities.
As scale changes or mergers happen, so the the systems that support it, need to adjust accordingly. 
The previous systems may have become duplicated or no-longer providing the best solution they once did. At this point, we can come in and leverage the best of your current systems and staffing, to provide a system on latest technology and methods that will take yourselves forward.

When you have need of new system(s) to consolidate what you have and leverage the future, we can help.

When you need to change your systems and need that extra resource to leverage the future, we can help